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  • Catia L. Kossovsky, Esq.

Pennsylvania Department of Health Issues Final Log of Applications Received

Late Friday, June 16th, the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) released the final log of all Grower/Processor and Dispensary applications received. In total, there were 179 Grower/Processor applications received for 12 available permits, and 283 Dispensary applications received for 27 available permits. Of the 27 Dispensary permits, each applicant is permitted to apply for up to three locations for a total of 81 dispensaries throughout the Commonwealth.

It is expected that the permits will be granted before the end of June and those recipients will then have 6 months to become operational. That means building the approved facility in accordance with DOH pre-approved specifications, complying with plan of operation requirements, harvesting and processing medical marijuana, packaging and labeling and distributing it for sale to patients in need of the medicine.

For additional information contact Catia Kossovsky.

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